The Journey Begins: How I'm Launching My Newest Book!

life is as magical as you make it book cover
I am in the process of finishing my first self-published book for adults, so I decided it was a great opportunity to start blogging again!
I am going to document the process and will be going on a book tour starting this summer with my husband - we are thinking we will rent a pull behind rv camper with my truck. I have so many ideas about how to do this tour and I can't wait to see what is going to happen. I am so excited my husband is excited to do this with me. We going to start with short trips until we figure things out and get our bearings, then leave for a week at a time. We just need to see how it will work with what events I can get scheduled. I am going to see about possible getting grants to to do events for children at summer programs and give them books for during the day and then promote my book for adults at an evening event.I really want to have events for kids and events for adults so I can promote all of my books. If you have any ideas or want me to come to your area, let me know! 
I have an amazing group of Beta Readers and Launch Team Members on Facebook who are helping me get this baby out in the world - I am so excited!
All of my Beta Readers are going to get the book to read in advance for free in return for their feedback and honest reviews the day the book is launched - scheduled right now for June 19, 2023!
I sent them all the prologue and introduction last week just to test my Book Funnel Link and it worked PERFECTLY! I just posted this graphic on Facebook:
book review
This makes me so excited! 
I will be getting signed paperbacks up for preorder on this week - while you can already preorder the eBook on Amazon here.
I am super excited to be sharing my process with you all - feel free to comment and as questions that you might like me to go into more detail on. 
I'll be finishing my edits and getting them to my editor at the end of this week. 
Ever since I started this book RAINBOWS have been showing up in my life everywhere. Even today at my author event I found a crocheted rainbow. 
Then I went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and I saw a little romper I just had to get for my sweet granddaughter, Sage Louise - rainbows everywhere.
Okay, that's it for now.  The hubs and I are driving home tomorrow, I better get some sleep. We have a 13 hour drive home tomorrow! 
Love you all, love you lots! <3


  • Gina Sutterley

    Another sign! That romper is too sweet! Can’t wait to continue following your journey, and for the new book!

  • Kim Rodriguez

    What an adventure you are going to have! Can’t wait to follow it and read your book!

  • Sarah Clark

    We would love to have you come to our area!

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