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Bulk Order Discount - 25% Off when you order 15 or more books

When you order 15 books or more you will receive a volume order discount of 25% off at checkout!

FOR RESELLERS of MNS Books: You may resell these books at their full retail prices as listed below:

FOR RESELLERS WITHOUT SALES TAX EXEMPT STATUS: You  get a volume discount of 25% off this website when you purchase at least 15 of my self-published books in any combination. Discount will only apply on self-published titles. I already discount my titles on my website so if you resell it you will make about a 32% profit. Tax implications in your state are your responsibility.


FOR RESELLERS WITH SALES TAX EXEMPT/RESELLER CERTIFICATE: I am building an MNS Creative Wholesale website with prices that will not charge you tax. Minimum order is 15 books with 40% discount off of full retail price. This will give you a full 40% profit if you resell at full retail but you can discount the books as you wish. You will not have access to the site until I have received your sales tax exempt certificate, or you request shipment to a state without sales tax. If you would like to contact me to get set up as a wholesale vendor please email me at

Full Retail Prices:
Herman Hardback: $19.99
Herman Paperback: $12.99

Please, Mind the Bear Hardback: $19.99
Please, Mind the Bear Paperback: $12.99

Dog and Mouse Hardback: $19.99
Dog and Mouse Paperback: $12.99

Whatif Monster Chapter Books Hardback: $10.99
Whatif Monster Chapter Books Paperback: $6.99