Team Meetings/Private Storytimes

I am offering Team Meetings, Private Storytimes for Reading Groups, VIP Facebook Groups, birthday parties, and other special occasions.

STORYTIME: For 30 minutes I will present to your guests and read two books of mine of your choosing, followed up by 30 minutes of Q&As from your guests. 

TEAM MEETING: I can provide an inspirational talk to your team about entrepreneurship and perseverance followed by a Q&A, do an interview session, or create a custom event for your team. 

Cost is $150

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Virtual School Visits

I know that in-school visits might not be a possibility right now, so I am now offering virtual school visits via Zoom and Google Meet, My virtual visits have proven very successful and I look forward to working with your school to help create a memorable and inspiring virtual author visit in our 'new normal'.

Description: One Virtual Presentation (45 minutes to an hour) Will include a Q&A at end of the presentation with teachers calling on students in each classroom. Set up will be via Zoom or Google Meet – whichever is the preference of the teachers.

General Pricing - Based on an entire grade of 100 students (Please contact me for specific pricing for your specific requirements and grade level.

Bookings will require a 50% deposit to hold your date once custom pricing is done.)

$350: Single Presentation with combined classes via Zoom or the like.

$100: Each Additional Presentations on the same day as other grades/classes. (Not more than four total presentations in a day)

Contact me about ordering books in bulk for a discount. 

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One-On-One Consultations

With over 15 years experience in the art and publishing world, I have created a very successful career and business. I have sold over a million books and plush in the past 10 years and I earn in the top 1% of female-owned businesses. 

I love to help and guide others who wish to learn about my path and how they might use my knowledge in their own path to success.  

I offer private consultations about traditional publishing, self-publishing, licensing, product manufacturing, or entrepreneurship in the arts in general.

Cost is $150/hr