'Whatif' A  book Could change a life?

Children shouldn't have anxiety, but they do.

There's a book that has helped thousands of children deal with their anxiety in simple terms and easy to understand concepts.

A book that helps children communicate

Identifies Fears

From trying a new sport to making a new friend, this book opens up easy dialogues about hard subjects.

Offers a Reframe 

Creates a mindshift with a reframing of a child's fear from negative to positive.

Creates a Friend

The Whatif Monster becomes a trusted friend when a child needs comfort and security.

Have a Look Inside

What if it's yucky? What if it's icky? Whatif Mom yells because you're too picky?

What if it's dark? What if it's scary? What if there's something giant and hairy?

What if I taste some of that food and it puts my mouth in a very good mood?

And what if I sleep and have the very best dream...that monsters are sweeter than they all seem?

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