It can be hard to see any joy in today’s world, much less consider it magical.

Part self-help, part memoir, Life is as Magical as You Make It is Michelle Nelson-Schmidt’s debut book for adults. Filled with anecdotes and wisdom that she’s experienced and learned throughout the years, it’s an entertaining and inspiring read you won’t be able to put down.

From a young mom in a troubled marriage, to a successful children's author of 32 published titles, Michelle shares her struggles and how she continues to overcome them by looking for joy and finding gratitude in the small moments of life. Michelle reminds us that it’s okay to slow down and ignore society's messages that we’re never enough–that we need more money, more influence, more everything to be happy. In her relaxed and conversational tone, she helps us remember we are already enough and inspires us to find our joy and feel the magic that’s waiting to be seen all around us.

What people are saying....

Amazing Read

As a beta reader, I have had the opportunity to read this amazing book. Her story and message is so important to the world. This book is what our world needs. It is such an inspiring and important message!

This book is so very relatable!

Michelle is so transparent and open about herself and her life. This book is an eye opener to everyone.

An Amazing Book

If you have been feeling down and need a way to feel good even for just for the time it takes to read this book. You have found it. This book feels like you are sitting down with a good friend to have a chat that leaves you feelings full of good feelings at the end.

About Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is a best-selling author and illustrator of children’s books. She’s traveled extensively across the United States visiting schools and libraries and encouraging children with her messages of positivity and perseverance.