Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is an author, illustrator, public speaker, mother, sister, daughter, and wife. She has 31 books in print and has sold over a million books to date. She writes inclusive and diverse books that touch on social emotional topics. Her mission is to create stories and characters that help children feel seen, heard, and feel safe in their own skin.


Meet The Characters 

Let me introduce you to some of my best friends in the whole, wide world! Just because I made them up, doesn’t mean they aren’t real friends. I hope many more friends continue to show up in my imagination to tell me their stories – because I sure love sharing their stories with you.


My favorite ginger-haired boy! He finds his courage to try new things, even if he’s still a bit scared, with the help of his little green friend, The Whatif Monster. 


Ah, my favorite monster ever! The Whatif Monster loves to worry and would be happy to take your worries for you so that you can concentrate on all the good and wonderful ‘what ifs’ in life instead! Make friends with him and watch your life TRANSFORM.


My favorite ginger-haired girl! Cordelia knows how to fly. Get to know her and I bet she’s show you that you can fly too.


Someone had to teach Cordelia how to fly. Who better to do it than a magical blue whale?


Sometimes people don’t get us. Sometimes people don’t understand who we really are. Bob gets it. And I promise, he gets you too-exactly how you are.


My favorite goal-oriented dog! Dog is looking for her best friend and will stop at nothing until she reaches her goal. She unexpectedly gets some help from a little Mouse.


Mouse is that person who always shows up to help – simply because they can. They don’t help for the accolades or the glory. They help because it is just who they are. I think people like Mouse are the real life super heroes in this world.

Print & Play

I love giving things away! Find lots of free, downloadable printables to have fun with your littles! Not, just coloring sheets, but also activities that will get your little one talking and thinking!