On sale October 24, 2022!

M is for Monsters! What if I Know My Alphabet

"So many layers! My 3 year old daughter and I loved this book. She quickly realized the letters and pictures matched colors. Love how she always has several layers of learning in her books."

"Great gift for anyone! The book is great for anyone learning how to read and understand phonics and education or comfort. This book is great for anyone especially to new moms."

"M is for Monsters! I teach upper elementary students and the adore this alphabet book! They love the bright colors and happiness throughout the alphabet presentation."

M is for Monsters! What if I Know My Alphabet by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt will help your little one to explore the amazing alphabet in this bright and beautiful alphabet book with the beloved Whatif Monsters! Featuring Michelle's bright and distinctive artwork, each letter introduces animals and nouns. Your child is sure to be delighted as they learn their alphabet, are introduced to simple sentences, can match colors with nouns, and recognize rhymes. 

The stunning design and clever letter display encourage children to learn their alphabet and colors. Letters A through Z are presented on every page first in a black and white and then fill in with colors that are paired with simple nouns featuring two new letters on each new page. The final spread shows the entire alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase letters to help with letter recgnition. Not only is this book a visual treat, it provides children with important skills for future growth.

Michelle Nelson-Schmidt is the author of 32 books for children, including Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster, Cordelia, Bob is a Unicorn and most recently, Life is as Magical as You Make It (June 2023). Michelle lives in Pensacola, Florida. Upon request, she is available for interviews.