Welcome to Storytime Live!

Join me every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST for Storytime Live where I show art, read one of my books, and give away gifts – all live! Promise to make you smile!


Storytime Live began in March 2014 when my husband was deployed with the Navy Reserve. I couldn’t travel that year as I had my daughter at home and wanted a way to stay in touch with children—and truth be told, market my books so sales wouldn’t drop. What was at first a marketing idea quickly became a labor of love as I realized how much I came to look forward to hanging out with my weekly Storytime Live Family. We truly are a close knit community and we welcome newcomers as if they have been there all along! Try it out! I promise to leave you with a smile to last the rest of the week! 

Here’s what you can expect every Wednesday on Storytime Live!
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