The world of the Whatif Monster

The Whatif Monster Chapter Book Series is the latest creation from best-selling author and illustrator, Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. Based on years of travel into schools and speaking with children and countless conversations with parents, these books are created with love and kindness and meant to help open up dialogues between children and adults.

There are so many situations in life that can feel scary or uncomfortable. Using the beloved Whatif Monster, these books will address some topics in inclusive and gentle ways that leave openings for young readers to ask questions and have conversations they might not know how to start on their own.

Michelle hopes these books will be a tool to reassure young readers that while life can sometimes seem confusing and scary, together we can help each other work through anything that might come along.

The books will be released as they are created. There will be 18 books in the series when completed. Some of the many topics that will be addressed will be friendship and feeling left out, feeling different than others, having different family units, foster care, adoption, bullying, learning disabilities, moving, and divorce.


The Whatif Monster chapter book series

If you would like to add these special books to your collection, you can preorder the complete 18 book series in either paperback or hardback. You can preorder the complete collection with a one-time payment, or in installments of two or four payments. (Chapter books that have already been released at the time of purchase will be shipped to you—the remaining chapter books will be shipped monthly as they are released.)


Purchase individual Whatif Monster chapter books

You can also purchase the chapter books individually if you would like to add a few to your collection or give a special one to a friend! Click below to see the individual books (offered in paperback or hardback).