Cordelia and the Whale Paperback or Hardback
Cordelia and the Whale Paperback or Hardback

Cordelia and the Whale Paperback or Hardback

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Cordelia is an 11-year-old introverted loner. Not knowing quite how to fit in, she’s often bullied at school. She finds comfort in facts and knowledge, preferring a world of consistency.

Her world does change however, when Cordelia meets a magical blue whale named Beatrice. Nothing is ever the same for Cordelia as she befriends the ancient whale and finds out secrets of the universe from Beatrice that she must learn and master.

Cordelia and the Whale is a timeless story filled with magical realism. A novel for all ages about belief, courage, confidence, and the need for all of us to find strength and power in ourselves and each other through communication, connection, and a little bit of magic. We are all meant to fly in this world – perhaps literally.

“Because what people fear more than failure, even more than they fear success, is change, Cordelia. Once you realize that you’re capable of being extraordinary, you no longer have an excuse to be less than that. To know how truly capable you are is to have to change your own expectations of yourself. And that? Seems to be more than most people can handle.” – Beatrice, Cordelia and the Whale This book is a middle grade novel for ages 8-12, but is truly a timeless story suitable for children and adults of all ages. 

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