Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy
Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy
Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy

Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy

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✓ Learn to slow down and find joy in your life

✓ Prioritize your worth and understand your value

✓ Prioritize your mental health

✓ Remember who you are in this world

✓ Stop feeling guilty that you are not enough

✓ Live, joy-filled, and fulfilling life

How almost losing my business helped me find my joy again.

It can be hard to see any joy in today's world, much less consider it magical. Part self-help, part memoir, Life is as Magical as You Make It is Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's debut book for adults. Filled with anecdotes and wisdom that she's experienced and learned throughout the years, it's an entertaining and inspiring read you won't be able to put down. 

From a young mom in a troubled marriage, to a successful children's author of 32 published titles, Michelle shares her struggles and how she continues to overcome them by looking for joy and finding gratitude in the small moments of life. Michelle reminds us that it's okay to slow down and ignore society's messages that we're never enough-that we need more money, more influence, more everything to be happy. In her relaxed and conversational tone, she helps us remember we are already enough and inspires us to find our joy and feel the magic that's waiting to be seen all around us.

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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Neubauer
A Heart to Heart Conversation in a Book

I was gifted a signed book by my sister, who said it was a must read. I originally at down one night after tucking the kids to bed thinking I would read it cover to cover. I was not prepared for the heart to heart conversations that would take place between the author and myself as I read each page. A night turned into two days, which turned into four. My mind kept drifting off into lengthy conversations that my heart had needed to have for some time now. I’ve been on a healing journey for four years now. I’ve been in weekly therapy sessions, group chats and support groups online. I can firmly say that those conversations did not ignite the same response I experienced while reading this book. I have read and re-read chapters and sections since first picking it up. I made a pinky promise with someone I’ve never met. This book healed parts of my heart and soul that I didn’t even know needed mending. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone.

WhatIf you let your heart shine and make the whole world brighter and more magical?

I recently had the pleasure of reading Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's new book, "Life is as MAGICAL as you Make it," and I must say that it was an incredibly moving and thought-provoking experience. This book has the power to touch your heart and leave a lasting impact.

Michelle's words are nothing short of beautiful. Her storytelling is captivating, drawing the reader into a world where magic and wisdom coexist. The central message of the book, that "Life is about loving are enough...that you matter just because you exist," is both timeless and universal. I was particularly touched by her insights, such as "Thoughts can inspire" and "When you start to quiet your brain and listen to the whispers in your heart, incredible magical things begin happening in your life."

In a world often filled with self-doubt and external pressures, this reminder that joy doesn't need to be earned is incredibly valuable. Michelle's messages of self-worth and the pursuit of happiness are ones that everyone can benefit from hearing. She sought out to remind all of us - young and old - of our intrinsic worth. It's a beautiful reminder that we are all enough, and that life's magic is there for us to embrace. I'm grateful she wrote it and grateful to have had the opportunity to read it ... and now I'll gift it to others to benefit from as well.

Donald Funk
A New Start

A fabulous incite and powerful reflection…could not stop turning pages


Such a great book! Highly recommend

Deidre Groh
I feel connected

A wonderfully real exposure to another's experience. I was able to relate to so many experiences Michelle shared and offered so much hope. I left this book feeling a sense of confidence and drive to believe in myself and my goals, dreams.