Please, Mind the Bear
Please, Mind the Bear

Please, Mind the Bear

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Please, Mind the Bear is a book about respecting boundaries other's set for themselves and others. Bear is an introvert who prefers to be alone. He is very clear about what he doesn't want. So clear in fact, that he has a sign outside his house stating his rules. Rabbit doesn't like rules and doesn't respect boundaries. Rabbit continues to push - even after Bear asks Rabbit politely to stop many times.

What happens when someone has stated clearly what they want and need, asks repeatedly to be heard, but is ignored? There are consequences for our actions. Sometimes they can be a steep price to pay as Rabbit learns. Mind the Bear is as much for adults as for our youngest readers. When we respect what others are saying they want - and don't want - we all feel safer in our own skin.

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Customer Reviews

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All about boundaries

This is one of my son's favorite books. He is an introvert and does not like people coming in his space. He related to bear so much. He is all about his boundaries as well.

Timothy Mason
Mind the bear

Fantastic, I’ve begun referencing this one daily. Very helpful and entertaining.

Cat Nunnery

This book covers two important topics: respecting others' boundaries, and validating introverts' desire for solitary time. I really appreciate it for those two lessons, especially as a parent of an introvert. What I wasn't expecting was the violent ending -- it's not stated directly, but it's insinuated that the bear eats the rabbit as punishment, and my kids (2.5 and 4.5) did immediately pick up on the fact that the rabbit's scarf stays in the bear's house after the rabbit disappears. Honestly I wish it ended differently to avoid the scare tactic.

Shannon Murray
Be respectful

Miss 7 says: Being respectful of other people’s boundaries.

Krista G
Fantastic book about Boundaries

We absolutely love this book. My husband and I both have backgrounds in psychology and the mental health field, and we think this a fantastic book about boundaries, knowing your own boundaries, respecting each other’s boundaries and how we respond to one another’s boundaries. Not only is this book enjoyable to read, but we also appreciate the questions at the end to promote conversation and critical thinking with our children (ages 3 & 5). Highly recommend it!