Pre-Order Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to listen to your heart and find your joy
Pre-Order Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to listen to your heart and find your joy
Pre-Order Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to listen to your heart and find your joy

Pre-Order Life is as Magical As You Make It: Learn to listen to your heart and find your joy

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✓ Learn to slow down and find joy in your life

✓ Prioritize your worth and understand your value

✓ Prioritize your mental health

✓ Remember who you are in this world

✓ Stop feeling guilty that you are not enough

✓ Live, joy-filled, and fulfilling life

It can be hard to see any joy in today's world, much less consider it magical. 

Part self-help, part memoir, Life is as Magical as You Make It is Michelle Nelson-Schmidt's debut book for adults. Filled with anecdotes and wisdom that she's experienced and learned throughout the years, it's an entertaining and inspiring read you won't be able to put down. 

From a young mom in a troubled marriage, to a successful children's author of 32 published titles, Michelle shares her struggles and how she continues to overcome them by looking for joy and finding gratitude in the small moments of life. Michelle reminds us that it's okay to slow down and ignore society's messages that we're never enough-that we need more money, more influence, more everything to be happy. In her relaxed and conversational tone, she helps us remember we are already enough and inspires us to find our joy and feel the magic that's waiting to be seen all around us.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Review by a Beta Reader

Reading this book was like sitting with a close friend while they share their deepest thoughts. You hear her voice, you feel the emotion. You understand because it's relatable. Life is like that. It doesn't have to be the same boat, as they say, but a storm is a storm. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt pours out her story and the ways she learned to find hope and light in the darkness. It's simple, quick, lighthearted, full of love, and caring. The perfect words when you need to be reminded of your Happy💗

Erin Alsop
A Beautiful Conversation - Review from a Beta Reader

This is not a book. This is a conversation with a friend. A beautiful, raw, honest, funny, and sometimes tear-inducing conversation.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to life you won’t find it here. What you will find is a reminder that you are enough. That choosing joy, even when it’s far easier to go with the darkness, brings about a unique magic. All the things we tell children but forget to tell ourselves, Michelle will help remind you.

I truly enjoyed every moment of this book, it has an intimate feeling, as though Michelle is speaking directly to YOU. You feel a connection. It sparks something in you, inspiring you to seek out the magic and face the Whatifs.

Karen Tindle
Beta reader Life is as Magical As You Make It

I was a beta reader for this book. I loved every step of it. Michelle is so transparent and open about herself and her life. This book is an eye opener to everyone. I believe there is some point of every persons life that he or she feels they were wronged, they were depressed, they felt like they were not enough, etc. This book shows people that no matter what someone goes though it can be turned into positive energy and come out better at some point. This book brought so much joy and happiness each time I read it. I read the different versions during the editing process and I never got tired of hearing Mitchell's story. She is such an inspiration and so is this book!

serina conrad
This book is so very relatable!

This book is like chatting with a friend, feeling like you have been in similar situations, and realizing that you are both quite capable of finding your joy. This is not a step-by-step or a how to improve your life, but a good read that will make a positive impact in the lives of folks who enjoy it. Even those like myself who have read all of Miss Michelle’s other books (at least once) but need the reminder to apply the messages to our lives as much as we encourage our littles to. 👍👍
Review by a beta reader (who recommends purchasing a copy, as I have.)

An Amazing Book!

Review by a beta reader.

If you have been feeling down and need a way to feel good even for just for the time it takes to read this book. You have found it. This book feels like you are sitting down with a good friend to have a chat that leaves you feelings full of good feelings at the end.

As some one who lives with multiple chronic illnesses and has a child with a rare genetic condition that comes with a lot of other diagnosises. I find it hard to shake the stress of the day away and hold on to the joy found in the day. This magical book was just what I needed at the right moment. I mostly wanted to be part of the beta reader group to help Michelle with this book since it is something entirely different from her normal books. In stead I ended up with the message I did not know I was looking for.